Hair Loss in Women – Causes and Remedies


Incessant hair fall and hair thinning can result to a hair loss nightmare particularly to women. Not only will it be a great potential to damage her self – esteem but it can also be a cause for stress. Hair loss or hair thinning is usually a condition that is associated with men. However, it is becoming prevalent especially with pattern baldness in women.

The causes among women are plenty but among the major factors that can result to baldness are female hormones. Hormonal changes that naturally happen to women can lead to premature hair fall. The women’s body is designed to undergo several hormonal changes during her lifetime. Also, disproportionate levels of estrogen can be a big part of the changes in hormone which can also result in this problem.

Another major cause of hair loss in women is severe stress. When a woman is experiencing severe stress or traumatic experience, chemicals are being released by the body which can lead to hair fall. Although this might be a temporary condition, hair growth may only resume when the stressful period is over which may take some time. Hair fall among women can also be hereditary. This condition is known to be androgenetic alopecia which is the second most prevalent cause of hair loss among women. A woman’s diet can also play a big part of hair loss problem they encounter. More often than not, women with imbalanced diet especially those who are consuming lesser amount of iron and protein are more prone to hair loss than those who observe a healthy lifestyle.

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