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Reason Number 2 Why People Stay In Pain

This is round two of our top three reasons why people don’t heal for the long term and stay in pain. Our last one was all about getting us to take personal responsibility and what we have to do consistently and daily, so we bring it to our heart, saying “This is for me, not for anybody else – this is something that I need to do.” We already got that one down. If you didn’t watch that one, go watch it. It’s last week or a week before, but it’s definitely on my website, so go check it out.

Number two on the whole list is our Mentality – what we think in our head, and the way that our culture is designed now. It’s all based off of “quick fixes” or we go to somebody to “fix” us, rather than thinking “it’s my responsibility to get myself better – I might need their help – but it’s not their job to ‘fix’ me” because you are not broken, folks. Not broken at all. You have to start recognizing that ”That’s in my head.” I need someone to “fix” me? That’s not how the body works. The body naturally defends itself against anything coming in from the outside, so, anything that’s coming in, your body will naturally defend against – everything. That’s just point blank. We have to realize, even with therapists that are trying to help us, even with medicines, drugs – your body’s naturally going to have this defense mechanism because it’s not organic. It’s not within itself to say, “Oh, hey, everybody come in.” It’s a natural, highly defensive mechanism. Having this “quick fix” mentality or “fix me” mentality doesn’t work for the long term. If you go into a PT saying “I’m in pain and it hurts,” I get it. It hurts, it sucks, you can’t function, you can’t do anything. But if you think, “I need to go to this person and he’s going to do this, this and this and I’m going to feel better and it’s gone,” you are fooling yourself. Fooling yourself!