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Google Glass Technology App For Face Departure of Apparatus

Already someone got a ticket in their car for wearing Google Glass while driving, which is interesting considering the research behind HUD or Heads Up Displays and how they help a pilot or driver stay attune to what’s going on rather than having to keep looking down at gauges and such. Yes, it gets much more serious at higher speeds, looking down or glancing even for a second means you’ve already traveled a hundred yards – and a lot can happen in such a short time. Let’s talk.

How about some more challenges to this technology, for instance what about target affixation, where the user gets too involved in what they are looking at objects (targets) on the screen and forgets to maneuver or in the case of Google Glass divides their attention too much – same issue with text messaging. Worse, what if their Google Glass starts to move on their head or starts to fall off? Hmm, I was thinking about this the other day.

You see, not long ago, I was reading a research paper “On the Stability of Robotic Systems Worn by Humans” by H. Kazerooni, J. Douglas Meidt of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Minnesota. Most of this research project was about early “haptics” and extension robotic technology for humans – very similar to much of our current technology in prosthetics – although this paper appeared to be written circa 1990.