Become Happy Parents Through Scientific Means

This concept of donating eggs may seem alien and unconventional to many, raising quite a few conservative eyebrows. However if the cause is noble in helping a woman who cannot conceive it is considered good enough.

There are certain legalities and formalities to be gone through for this process which we shall read about now. Not all women who wish to donate their eggs are eligible. Only a chosen few, who can meet the technical requirements give their eggs to a fertility centre. There is a lot of paperwork involved as most fertility clinics maintain a database of the patients and the donors.

The formalities prior to and during the procedure

The people who are giving away their eggs need to appear for a number of interviews with the process coordinator in order to complete the formalities. Some consent forms also have to be signed in order to go ahead with the proceedings. The women who are donating the eggs have to be medically examined for gene testing. Keep in mind that the medical background should be absolutely clear and there should be no genetic disorders in your blood line. Mental counseling and stability is also a must in this aspect. If you feel that there has been any kind of psychological problems in your family, please don’t opt for the donation. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Prevent Hypothyroidism In Children

Hypothyroidism is a condition that occurs due to under activity of the thyroid gland. You must know that the thyroid gland is a butterfly formed gland present in the throat, just below the Adam’s apple. This glandular produces thyroid hormones (thyroxine T4) and (tri-iodothyronine T3) which accountable for regulation of metabolism, development and development. The decreased production of these hormones due to the under activity of the glandular lead to the condition known as hypothyroidism. Although this condition is frequently found in grown-ups, children are also discovered to suffer from it. Hypothyroidism in kids can be of two types – genetic hypothyroidism (present throughout birth) and acquired hypothyroidism (establishes later on). Let us see more on the causes, symptoms and therapy methods of this condition in detail.

Causes of Hypothyroidism in Infants and Children

Congenital hypothyroidism is triggered due to genetic abnormalities or abnormalities caused to the thyroid glandular before birth. Second of all, iodine deficiency in the mom can likewise result in hypothyroidism in babies. On the other hand, obtained hypothyroidism, in most of the cases, is caused due to autoimmune conditions. It is generally followed by viral infections. Secondly, use of radiation therapy, use of certain medicines, having a diet doing not have in iodine, and so on, are a few of the various other reasons for hypothyroidism in infants and kids. It has likewise been discovered that those having a family history of the condition are at a higher risk of dealing with it. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Mediterranean Secrets Of Natural Healing

Many people have recently settled back into the winter routine. Work days don’t way-lay into long summer nights, kids have school, activities, play dates. And parents have long days and full schedules. Any thought of last summer’s vacation pictures, have been filed away on your hard drive.

Let’s play hooky for a minute, and daydream about next season’s getaway. As you begin to plan for next years’ getaway, why not make it a real therapeutic holiday, and explore some of the healing secrets of the Mediterranean.

For many, the Mediterranean stirs up visions of fit, bronzed bodies, svelt from a diet of olives, healthy proteins, olive oils, fish, nuts, seeds, and beans. It evokes dreams of wading in turquoise waters, bathing in hammams, and soaking in famous hot springs. Don’t worry, you still have time to get into shape.

People have been seeking out the healthy lifestyles and salt water therapies of the Mediterranean for centuries. It’s beauty and allure attracts 1/3 of the worlds’ international tourists. There must be a reason why the region is known for health, and a staple of the Medi-diet, olives, is said to be produced by the tree of life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Genomics in Medicine

Genomics in Medicine

The Gene Sequencing Future Has Arrived


Merriam Webster defines genomics as:

A branch of biotechnology concerned with applying the techniques of genetics and molecular biology to the genetic mapping and DNA sequencing of sets of genes or the complete genomes of selected organisms, with organizing the results in databases, and with the applications of the data (as in medicine or biology)

Many of us have just started to hear about the advances in genomics in some fashion.

These advances are on the leading edge of technology. The growth in this field is happening all around us. This article will provide a little review and then address a few of these advances.. In the interest of simplifying, the complex biochemistry will not be extensively addressed in this writing. We will look at the basics of biochemistry in future articles. Read the rest of this entry »

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And The Cough Goes On

Do you have an untreated cough that has lasted for several weeks? If so, you are not alone. Many patients in my practice have been complaining about a cough that does not seem to go away. I have seen more of it this year than in other years, and it started back in November of last year.

Typically, one would have an episode of bronchitis, sinusitis, or the common cold, which may have been treated with a course of antibiotics. The initial symptoms then partially or fully resolve. A few days or a week later, the nagging cough develops, and is commonly referred to as “post infectious cough.”

The cough may be “productive” (producing mucus), or it may be “dry.” It can occur during the day, when you’re lying down at night, or throughout the night. In more severe cases, the cough will come in “volleys” (paroxysms), and will awaken you, or even frighten you. It may be associated with a post nasal drip or gastric acid reflux. Some medications, particularly some of the medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure, can cause a persistent, dry cough. Read the rest of this entry »

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