Job Search for Occupational Therapy

I am going to try to find a job at some point in the near future. Or rather, I should say that I want to get a new job, because I do have a job at the moment, but I will be leaving it pretty soon. I want to find something new, that is more the exciting and that will give me more joy with my life. I am not really sure what to do about that though, but after some digging, I found the following website: and it has some listing for occupational therapists that travel, which is not something I really realized was a possibility until just now. But it is certainly an intriguing possibility and something that I want to look into very much. Read the rest of this entry »

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7 Sure Ways to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Health Goals

Motivation is what keeps us going, it’s the drive to get things done. It’s key in helping women succeed and reach their health goals.

If you are feeling unhappy with your health and are wanting to make changes, a little support and encouragement can go a long way to help you succeed.

To get you started here are 7 sure ways to stay motivated so that you keep going and reach your health goals.

1) Choose one or two new, healthy habits to take on – not 10 or 20. Small, simple changes can help you reap large results. Decide to do one or two small things each day, such as drinking a smoothie first thing in the morning or carrying a water bottle during the day to stay hydrated. A few small daily steps can help you stick with new changes and avoid overwhelm.

2) Take it One Step at a time. Focus on one step at a time. Instead of focusing on the miles and miles ahead of you on your journey, simply focus on what is immediately in front of you. Once you start, the next step along the way will become clearer and you will stay motivated rather than overwhelmed. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bible and Physical Illness

Sickness is an issue that runs through the pages of scripture. The physical illnesses of Miriam, Haaman, Job, and others are described in both the Old and New Testaments. In Numbers chapter 12 we see Miriam became a leper. Read the Book of Job and you see Job coming down with severe health problems. He suffered boils, itching, disfigurement, loss of appetite, severe depression, broken skin, sunken eyes, bad breath, and was in constant pain. In the New testament in Chapter 8 of Matthew, we see Christ supreme over nature. In Mark, Chapter 5, we see ministry of healing. The Book of Acts records how the early church cared for those with physical illnesses.

The biblical emphasis on physical illness points to some conclusions.

1. Sickness is a part of life. Few people, if any, go through life without experiencing at least periodic illness The Bible makes no attempt to diagnose, but it does mention symptoms in passing and refers directly or indirectly to alcoholism, blindness,boils, deafness, dysentery, epilepsy, fever, hemorrhaging, indigestion, inflammations, insanity, leprosy, palsy, and a number of other illnesses. It is assumed that sickness is an expected part of life in this world. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pilates – Origins, Benefits and Principles

Pilates Origins

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who originally called in Contrology. He developed the principles during World War I in a German internment camp. He taught his students using minimal equipment after studying yoga and how animals move. He has been given credit for helping his fellow inmates survive the 1918 flu pandemic because they were in such good physical condition.

Joseph Pilates remained in Germany after the war teaching his methods to police officers and fitness experts including dancers. He and his wife opened a studio in New York after he immigrated to the US in 1925. They established a very devout following in the dance and performing arts community. He died in 1967 at age 83.

Benefits of Pilates

The central theory they developed involves a focus on breathing and aligning the spine as well as strengthening the torso and abdominal muscles. By doing slow controlled movements, Pilates resembles yoga. Benefits include: Read the rest of this entry »

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Your Body Is Talking: 3 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

We’re obsessively checking our iPhones for email/social media updates, but we’re often missing out on those critical updates that should demand our grave attention! And where do these updates emanate from? Your body, not your iPhone. Your body is constantly sending you Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. But are you listening? Do you even know what language your body is speaking?

It’s speaking the language of symptoms and sensations. That’s how our body talks to us. Each symptom, each ache and pain, each rash, sniffle and sneeze is our body communicating with us. These every day run-of-the-mill body sensations are the constant whispers (or screams) to make us stop and listen to what our body is trying to say.

If your body is having a long monologue all day everyday, you are not having a great relationship with your body. The secret to feeling great in your body is to convert those boring monologues into trusted dialogues. You have to cultivate a two-way street where your body speaks to you, and you respond. But interpreting the body’s quirky Morse code requires a deep level of awareness. So, here are the top 3 symptoms (that I frequently encounter in my nutrition practice) that you should never ignore. Consider them as biological taps on the shoulder that alert you to deeper imbalances: Read the rest of this entry »

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